Beautyfull days

Two beautyfull days in Parnassos Mt. with pure, fresh & sweet powder, a nice snowpark in Fterolaka base with big air bag and very very very fun!
Crew: Sarper & John and friends

From Odysseas Top, view to Korinthiakos Culf and Helmos Mt.

John in Odysseas Top

The Rail Line @ Snowpark with Quarterpipe [fantastico!]

And Big Air Bag [for corks, rodeos, etc, without injury!]

Dirty rocknrolla in quarterpipe [i love this!]

Slideeeeeeeeeee in mini rail in Jib Line

Sarper & John


Special thanks to Felekis and Mpelonias for the run of park...
And in our friends Stelios, Kwstas, Yannis, Johann

Other pictures and full article comming soon...

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kaliii fasi !!
m aresi i 5i pic para pl metraei;)